Online Presence
What's your Web address?

It's a universal question in today's business world. Years ago, web sites were a high tech luxury of the corporate realm. Today the common web address has become the mainstay of every mom and pop shop on Earth. Personal web pages and and even kids away at school have them. Home businesses have them. A web address speaks not only to the globe. It speaks to the community you live in.

A business card or printed advertisement with a web address says 'We are open 24-7 around the block, around the region and around the world from the convenience of your terminal.' A web site is a connection for the curious. It provides 'open house' from anywhere at any time. It informs and endears your existing and prospective customers. It plants ideas, images and feelings into their daily consciousness. It allows them to connect to your world when they are most relaxed, at home, or from their office terminals. It gives them an inside look without needing to rattle your phone until they are ready. A web site works for you when you are hard at work, off work, away from the phone, asleep or even on vacation.

Another beauty of the Web is that it's free to anyone who goes online. You should think of the web as your electronic business card, brochure, catalog, and storefront sign. It is the modern way to extend your image and presentation.

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