Services Offered

Free Consultation
I sometimes offer one free initial consultation of one hour in cases where the prospective client either comes to my location by appointment or is within extremely close proximity for outcall consultation. Whether or not the consultation is free will also depend on what you want. Free consultations do not include tutoring or third party referrals. (See also: "Consultation and Tutoring" below.)

Visual Web Site Design
I have been designing "HTML" web sites since June of 1996. An HTML web site is any standard web site having text, pictures, graphics, logos, graphic typography, pictographic elements, frames or no frames, backgrounds, menus, navigation bars, buttons, mouse-overs, image swaps, image maps, internal links, external links, e-mail links, animations, columns, tables, etc. I can also offer the option of offering downloadable documents, Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files, etc. The art of web design is to create and coordinate a collection of pages that endear your audience to your web site as a source of visual information and data representing you as an artistic, business or personal entity. (See also: "Dynamic Web Sites" below.)

In 1996 I began web design with Adobe PageMill, then moved up to Adobe GoLive around 1998. I have also worked with Macromedia Dreamweaver. GoLive and Dreamweaver are the top two programs used by web site professionals. Like most longtime web designers I also have many years of Adobe Photoshop experience as well.

Web Site Maintenance
Once a web site is built, I can work with you to formulate a plan for periodic or monthly updates to your site, adding pictures changing announcements, etc.

Web Site Overhaul or ReDesign
If you already have a web site but need a new web designer, I am happy to redesign or take over an old web site. Typically, if a web site has failed, I can look at the web site and point out everything that was done wrong and explain my opinions based on professional experience.

Web Site Promotion
This is a critical area where I rise above the best web designers. In today's world there are millions of web sites competing for audience attention. Once you have achieved a gratifying web design, it is critical to attract and retain a dedicated audience to your web site and keep them coming back often. Many people are confused as to how search engines can help or become easily hoodwinked by shady promoters who offer scams to "promote" your web site. In reality web site promotion can amount to a simple plan of action that includes certain critical often overlooked details. On the other hand, if you fail to promote your web site at all, most of your customers will not even be reminded that it exists. I offer all of my web site promotion tips at no additional charge with site design. Or you have the option of a supplementary paid in-depth consultation in the event you want to achieve full grasp of the wisdom that tutoring can provide. (See "Tutoring" below.)

Database Design
I will soon offer database design for both PC and Macintosh users. Databases are great for keeping track of inventory, creating catalogs, figuring sales taxes, managing art collections, etc. I have been developing custom FileMaker Pro databases on a regular basis since 1998, both for myself and for clients. (I have created roughly forty databases.) Putting databases on the Internet is something I am just now starting to learn. (See "Dynamic Sites" below.) I have also dabbled in making PC databases using Microsoft Access and FileMaker for PC. I am currently in plans to develop custom Microsoft Access databases because this is the most common user-friendly database program.

Dynamic "Interactive" Web Sites
Dynamic web sites are web sites with extensive script programming used to present active databases and other high-end features such as chat rooms, forums and e-commerce transaction capability. I do not currently offer dynamic web design. However I am now involved in the study of dynamic site creation using a large collection of expert books and top notch web site links. (You will find some of these links in the "Links" section of this web site. Some of the dynamic topics I am studying and planning to study include ASP.net, PHP, and XML. In the meantime, if you meet with me, I can refer you to an associate who does dynamic site design, someone who I regard as Denver's best web designer. His rates are generally much higher than my own but worth it if you need a high-end "interactive" web site.

I am a skilled and prolific photographer with professional skill at creating illustration photography for web sites. I do both 35mm and digital work. In most cases digital photography is ideal for web site design since it offers better-than-needed resolution and quality control while offering fast turnaround and the ability to quickly choose between photos.

Flash Design
Macromedia Flash has become the standard high-end web site animation program. Flash web sites offer a simple to stunning visual front page environment, sometimes approaching television quality. The drawback is a delay in accessing your main web site pages as well as a higher production cost. This is why most web sites do not bother to incorporate Flash even though it can really entertain viewers. Although I am capable of executing Flash design on a mediocre basis, Flash is a skill-intensive specialty that I prefer to farm out to a Flash specialist as part of your design contract with me.

Graphic Design and Logos
Typically the independent web designer farms out graphic design to a dedicated graphic designer. I offer direct graphic design and logotypes as well as referrals when you hire me for web site design. And if need be, I can contract with several graphic design professionals to achieve the logotype or custom graphics you may need.

Consultation and Tutoring
I am happy to offer tutoring sessions and extensive consulting in many aspects of Internet usage and web site decision-making. Limited consulting is provided at no additional charge with a web design agreement. However, a client can benefit greatly by purchasing my hourly time for in-depth tutoring or consulting to get a deeper understanding of the Internet and how to use it as research and promotional tool.

Simple Free Advice
If you don't have a web site, don't be intimidated by technical terms or wait until you have a grand concept. Let me create my most basic minimal clean attractive web site for you at low cost so you can begin to build your online audience without delay. Then we can work together to achieve the ultimate refinements. Taking a small first step is your safest bet since the result will help you to visualize your next step without excess commitment or financial risk.

What is the Most Simple Web Site?
For those who are truly not ready to commit or happen to be terribly busy, I offer a one page web site with or without a custom domain name. Even for a one-page web site, a domain name is still highly recommended and is actually the most vital web plan decision you will ever make. Your bare bones basic one-page site may include your existing logo, a brief bio or mission statement, a photo or two, your physical address and directions, and your e-mail address. The site can announce "Watch for our web site, coming here soon!" The key word is "here." Once you have a domain name, everyone knows where to find you on the Net. It's all about "location, location, location." Even a bare-bones single web page is far better than none at all. Then when you have time, we can work together to create your dream site from there.

First Steps Toward a Web Design Goal
Think of a good domain name (I'm very good at this). Keep a scrap folder containing advertisements and things that have impressed you or ads that have worked from your own collection. Keep samples of your favorite typefaces and color combinations. Have a bio or mission statement ready. When you want to get professional, I have books of typefaces and color combination charts and samples of artfully designed web sites in addition to some of my own. It's not hard to get started.

Custom rates for the above services will be provided on request and on a separate page. (See: "Rates.")

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