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Colorado Arts Net <ColoradoArts.Net> won "Best Free Arts Link Up" award from Westword, Denver's leading weekly paper. CAN was my personal college of web design that began in 1996. As an informational web site it offers over twelve hundred links to the arts in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, making it the oldest and largest link directory of its kind for the region. It has involved intensive research and taught me how online community has grown like wildfire. CAN has over one hundred web pages - hundreds if you tried to print them - with links to the widest diversity of arts in many genres from refined arts to pop culture broken down into 30 subsections. CAN is popular with ordinary artsts and professionals in many fields including area arts columnists who use it for research. Eventually, once I become a programmer, CAN may be converted into a PHP/MySQL database driven site offering forums for members. At its inception, CAN was praised by arts critic Gil Asakawa in a review appearing in Digital City Denver, circa 1997 when CAN was known as Colorado Entertainment Net.
Mondo Models <MondoModels.com> - The Mondo Models web site represents the Rocky Mountain region's first alternative model catalog. Mondo Models may eventually become an actual agency. The site in progress has lots of model photos and other pics with a neophyte collection of Denver area models. The colorful and well illustrated pages take a crack at Madison Avenue for their narrow socio-economic focus. Much of the web site uses satire and offers reasoned opinion describing what is vibrant counterculture and art, making fun of many absurdities in the fashion and consumer environment.
AppleShooter <AppleShooter.com> - It's a link portal for Mac lovers.

I have many other web sites in the works and may show one or two of them in this portfolio in the near future.

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