About 247 Web Pages
About 247 Web Pages
Net Experience and Perspective

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y web services are mostly dedicated to in-house projects as well as collaberation with select clients. I'm involved in the development of online directories devoted to arts, entertainment, counter-culture and environmental causes. In summary, I'm a creative who devotes a huge budget of my time to promoting things that endear my deeper interest, leaving me free to pursue own creative interests in photography and creative writing.

I prefer to offer my Internet skills to acquaintances with like minded interests in the arts. I do not need the money involved in being a gopher. Originally, I created web sites for anyone. But today, I am more likely to work with people who share closely similar art and philosophical values. 247WebPages.com is a mini-media online empire of self-directed content creation offering web services to special acquaintances in arts, entertainment, counter culture and specific social causes.

Internet Experience
My direct experience on the net began in 1996. In March of that year I learned to surf the Net. Three months later I created my first web site. Since that time I have created dozens of web sites containing hundreds of pages.
Likewise I have spent thousands of hours using the Internet as a research tool in recent years while visiting thousands of web sites. I offer simple neat web site design with graphical elements supplemented with my custom photography service. I do NOT create complex interactive or database driven web sites just yet but have been preparing to learn dynamic design in the form of PHP web design soon.

The largest web site I created has been Colorado Arts Net with over one hundred pages. In June, 1998 Denver's Westword newspaper awarded Colorado Arts Net "Best Free Arts Link Up". Colorado Arts Net is Denver's best-organized directory to the arts in a diverse array of disciplines and genres. Colorado Arts Net has a pleasing design. But its true value is the depth of online and diverse research that went into its creation.

Computer Experience
I do most of my computer work on Apple Macintosh computers. I love Macs because they offer superior color control, ease of use and independence from Microsoft world domination.

My use of Macs began around 1994 and grew dramatically by 1995. This usage has been intensive. Typically it has involved heavy multi-tasking, Prior to Macs, I was using IBM compatible PCs daily starting way back around 1989.

Photography Experience
I am a prolific photographer in both 35mm and digital medium and also have some minor experience in video. My photography is a lifelong passion that had its initial spark in the 1950s but attained momentum only by 1988. By 1997 my photography became a regular means of illustrating web pages both personal and commercial. My photo images span the gamut from object and architectural images to nature, urbanscapes and many famous people. Having developed an exquisite "eye" in photography is an invaluable option when applied in web development.

Merchant Experience
I have seven years of experience as a retail merchant, having owned a greeting card/gift shop on Denver's Capitol Hill between 1984 and 89 with a final two years ending in 1995. This experience, although only mildly profitable, gives me much insight into the needs and difficulties of any small business. Since a card shop is about communication through pictures and since the shop itself was a design challenge, that too adds to my familiarity with communications in trade.

Prior to 1984, I can only draw from my personal avocations and minor college education. In 1974, I received an Associates degree majoring in humanities including the study of art and photography. (ref. avail.)

Writing and Design Experience
My personal avocations all pertain to writing and visual arts wherein I have long been deeply entrenched since 1988. My ultimate avocation is filmmaking with some specific and direct plans. I am also a prolific writer of songs in a theatrical bent, which borrows from styles going back to the roaring 20s, and the Glam rock movement of the 1960s and 70s. I write many things that are becoming the scattered components of future theater and at least one dark comedy that promises to become a screenplay or novel. Although the execution of these long shots may seem nebulous, I have no clue when to stop since I write only when inspired and that is plenty often. Thus my cumulative pile of material in progress is simply huge.

In youth I was hell bent into technology. My first exposure to a personal computer was via a friend who built one in 1974 from a magazine design. At that time I had spent much time developing a form of hydroponics technology. Although I never pursued it into the business I had once envisioned, I accidentally blundered into a couple of good people who paid me the sum of four thousand dollars just to use my methods commercially in 1977 when I was 26 years old.

Today, in my early middle age, I have much less love for pursuing technological goals such as invention. Nonetheless my love for computers is just now beginning to get me into an effective level where I will be able to edit video, create a sound lab for film and develop interactive web sites. I am not there yet. But I am hoping to learn PHP design that will enable large database driven sites. I have ongoing site plans for a New York City arts database, a huge resource link directory for home owners and many other database driven web sites. As I learn dynamic design in Adobe GoLive and DreamWeaver, I will offer dynamic design services in addition to current static design.

In Summary
The Internet is the most profound revolution a person could ever hope for to widely expound and make available one's own creative distillations. It is a deeply complex but surmountable challenge given that one web site is like a tree in a forest where trees number in the millions. The WorldWide Web is like a vast canopy in a jungle where monkeys swing freely from site to site. You are either there in that vast community or you are dangerously on the lower ground where a lion could devour you at any time. Given the right degree of cumulative skill as a web developer, there is no form of my own creative expression (writing, photography, filmmaking, and theater) that cannot eventually find its way into the world spotlight via the Net. That's why I have invested much time in recent years learning the intricacies of the Internet and web design. It is a cardinal medium for most expressive entities today among two others, print and multimedia.

My diverse experiences have channeled me to web developing for its democratic access and ideal reach. Web work is intensive, complex and fraught with a sometimes-confusing range of options. Those who pay for my skills should appreciate that I am driven, methodical and have been entrenched in this for years before going commercial. My commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount.

- Vincent

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